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June 29, 2011

Such a lovely lovely sound 

Leddra Chapman – Wine Glass.


June 24, 2011

I LOVE wearing flowers in my hair!

Love to: Kacy Kizer


June 24, 2011

The Cambridge Satchel Company have rocketed to amazingdom so quickly with these little yummies!!

Love to &

I heart them so so much… need to make my mind up which one to buy though, they come in soooo many different colours and sizes!

June 24, 2011

Another Bon Iver fav of mine, Skinny Love

This has got me through many loooong days at the office :) LOVE xx

June 23, 2011

First dance song at my wedding exactly a month ago today! Jx

Ed Sheeran, Fall

Man I love this guy!

June 23, 2011

Now here is something we both have a gigantic crush on, all things ‘hearty’…

Love to:

Both of our castles are splattered in hearts, every room you enter I’d bet my life you’d be able to find some little heart shaped cutey hanging around!

June 23, 2011

Again another passion I have that Claire does not, HEADBANDS…

Love to,, & Pinterest

I love them, cannot get enough of them… here are just a few i’ve been swooning over this morning xxx

June 23, 2011

Claire, my absent partner in crime just sent me this… “the view from our room”

SICK with jealousy!! (Taken with instagram)

June 22, 2011

We Love A Gingham Wedding…

Love to: Patrice Heisler  & Caroline Fontenot & xx Pinterest

Elizabeth Ann Designs, Once WedDelish, Maggie Aach ChiMy Asian Wedding Favors, Ruffled, Wedding Tea Towels, Camille Style, Mod Cloth

Hoping to have a full range of Gingham stationary in many colours. Perfect for a summer outdoors wedding!