Now that the manic wedding season dust is settling…

Will the cracks start to show?

I set up the Vintage & Lace Twitter account a while ago now and as I started to follow more and more, I was in awe of what I discovered in the wedding industry… lots of busy wedding star’s going about their day making things happen and although exhausted, still managing to get stuck in, day in day out with a huge smile on their faces, probably down to the immense amount of job satisfaction. Everyone was busy. Everyone had new ideas and were desperate to get them out there and excited to share with the rest of us.

Now, I still believe that we are all in this for a similar reason, some testing the water with their creative side, some lucky enough to be running a business… all just trying to follow our dreams? I can’t remember public sniping at each other ever being a priority or even being on the radar! I know it is a little quieter now and some people are not as busy, but in my world… I’d like to think this is when we build relationships up, be nicer to the ones we have neglected in the tornado that is the main wedding season, not trample on people who are trying to shine with success!

Due to a change in career for moi and Claire ‘inconsiderately’ being full to the brim with baby ;) the business has been put on the back burner for a little while, but I still love to see how everyone’s business’ have expanded and to see how things have changed.

I managed to sit down with my laptop last night after the bedtime battle with my 19 month old and lady flu *sniffsniff and I was a little miffed off at the obvious snarky-ness I saw! No need for too many details (that would be childish). I just hope that the condescension is not here to stay… cause if that’s how people roll now-a-days, then I need to up my game… go out and buy some armour for the angry arrows that may be thrown, if I share my happiness from my achievements one day.

If you are good at what you do then shout it from the roof tops… Thousands do that shouldn’t and thousands don’t that should.

J x


11 Comments to “Now that the manic wedding season dust is settling…”

  1. I’m pretty new to the industry too and some of the mean spirited bullying I’ve witnessed has left me pretty speechless. What a shame… x

  2. Here here, I too found myself gravitating towards this industry to flex my creative muscles and be in charge of my own future. Ahem…well it’s ruddy hard I can tell you that much. But I get through it knowing I’ve made some amazing connections and met so many likeminded people who spur me on when times get tough.

    Working for yourself it always going to be hard and having recently found myself single too it’s even harder to keep motivated when there’s no-one to talk to at the end of the day about what you’ve achieved. So yes I do believe in shouting it from the rooftops but I hope I do it in a way that’s genuine and not ‘in yer face annoying’. Great post x

  3. There are so many of us in it for the right reasons, it’s just the few that baffle me!

    That’s what I instantly loved, that so many ‘like minded’ people would offer help when ever possible and share your excitement on new projects and creations!

    I may be ‘going off on one’ but I don’t see the need to pull anyone down for celebrating their achievements!

    Aaaah the singles bus… I remember this, I hope you are ok about your new status and that it was in fact your decision! If not… you throw yourself into what makes you happy and you’ll soon be out the other end :) xx

  4. I love this post – it’s so hard when all you want is to make friends and be kind to people and you keep coming up against walls of hostility again and again.

    I can’t wait to see what your business brings once it comes off the backburner and think it’s going to be ace. Well done you.

    I’m a firm believer in supporting people all the way, especially people like you who really deserve that support. xxxx

  5. I really really hope so Sara! There just needs to be more hours in the day for me with a little boy, work, housework!

    I don’t know how these ladies juggle full time jobs, kids and an on line business too, I’m guessing they learnt to ignore the negative rubbish at an early stage eh?!

    Determination is key! :)

    You are doing fabulously, don’t let anyone hold you back… xx

  6. So glad I’m not the only one picking up on so much sniping.

    Like Laura, I’m really new to the industry (by a few months) and have been surprised at how much bitching goes on. Having worked primarily in the music industry before I’m not really used to it and am hoping it’s a temporary thing as I don’t want to be dealing with people who are happy to squash other peoples dreams. I’m a massive believer in live and let live.

    Even though I haven’t experienced anything against me (it might have gone on but I wouldn’t have noticed because I’ve not had time to think about it) it saddens me to see it happen to others – not only is it unfair it also makes me (and no doubt other newcomers) second guess whether I’m as welcome as I thought and if there was any negativity going round about me. But really, who has the right to make me feel anyone feel like that? I’ll be honest, I’m feeling it’s all a bit playground, especially when we are providing a service and it’s our clients we should be thinking about! x

  7. Couldn’t agree more!

    I think people lose sight of what we are all here for… to provide a service for people that like what we do and that think our stuffs are pretty :)


  8. So so true… I left my old job full of bitching and bullying and hoped to find less of it here… I seem to tweet something along the lines of ‘can we please be nice to each other’ far too often at he moment. The problem is we’re in a creative, competitive industry, often stressed and sleep-deprived too, and creatives are notoriously insecure and emotional (Myself included!) So I guess it’s inevitable really. It’s good to remember why we do what we do, and then strive to do it better and with a smile on our faces :)

  9. You are completely right Katy! I suppose now that people know each other better too, they feel that they can snipe and get away with it. It just goes too far sometimes…

    My ‘unfollow’ button has been getting some hammer recently!


  10. Thank you for this blog and putting my thoughts so well into words.I too am new to the business and left my last role to get away from an unpleasant working environment.

    It is a shame when things get unpleasant, I am sure there is enough room for everyone in this industry. There are some amazing creative things going on and I love following people and reading blogs , so many people are working so hard to succeed .

    I believe we should all support and encourage each other.

    Thank you again .

    Best wishes

  11. There is definitely enough room for all of us Jill !

    Unless something horrific happens… people will always get married :) (fingers and toes crossed).


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