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November 22, 2011

Now that the manic wedding season dust is settling…

Will the cracks start to show?

I set up the Vintage & Lace Twitter account a while ago now and as I started to follow more and more, I was in awe of what I discovered in the wedding industry… lots of busy wedding star’s going about their day making things happen and although exhausted, still managing to get stuck in, day in day out with a huge smile on their faces, probably down to the immense amount of job satisfaction. Everyone was busy. Everyone had new ideas and were desperate to get them out there and excited to share with the rest of us.

Now, I still believe that we are all in this for a similar reason, some testing the water with their creative side, some lucky enough to be running a business… all just trying to follow our dreams? I can’t remember public sniping at each other ever being a priority or even being on the radar! I know it is a little quieter now and some people are not as busy, but in my world… I’d like to think this is when we build relationships up, be nicer to the ones we have neglected in the tornado that is the main wedding season, not trample on people who are trying to shine with success!

Due to a change in career for moi and Claire ‘inconsiderately’ being full to the brim with baby ;) the business has been put on the back burner for a little while, but I still love to see how everyone’s business’ have expanded and to see how things have changed.

I managed to sit down with my laptop last night after the bedtime battle with my 19 month old and lady flu *sniffsniff and I was a little miffed off at the obvious snarky-ness I saw! No need for too many details (that would be childish). I just hope that the condescension is not here to stay… cause if that’s how people roll now-a-days, then I need to up my game… go out and buy some armour for the angry arrows that may be thrown, if I share my happiness from my achievements one day.

If you are good at what you do then shout it from the roof tops… Thousands do that shouldn’t and thousands don’t that should.

J x