August 10, 2011

This is beautiful…

Love to

What a lovely unique idea for your bridal flowers!

August 9, 2011

Such A Little Cutey Pie…

August 9, 2011

We Just Have To Buy One Of These Soon…

August 7, 2011

Bespoke Wedding Day Card For @Lespencer…

August 7, 2011

Market Find, £5 Bargain… We Love it!

August 3, 2011

Say Hello To Daisy Cupcakes, @cupcakedaisyuk…

WARNING: We do not accept any responsiblity for a diet fail!


Daisy Cupcakes, in the heart of Warwick, bakes the most beautiful, distinctive, yummy and extremely creative Cupcakes for Every Occasion. They are very passionate about attention to detail and of course good old fashioned recipes! This combined with simply stunning ingredients ensures that Daisy Cupcakes always taste as amazing as they look!

All Cupcakes and decorations are designed and created to compliment any occasion… we promise you, you will adore them!

You can pick your flavour from this popular list…





Red Velvet,


Ginger… or if you have something else in mind then just let them know and the lovely Daisy Cupcakes Ladies will do their best to create it for you!

If we had found this wonderful lady and little helpers before our weddings, they would have definitely have been our number one choice!

All Cupcakes are presented in a gift box, sturdy enough for globe trotting!

Daisy Cupcakes Love to cater for weddings and welcome you to visit their simply gorgeous Daisy Studio for a chat. There you can drink tea and taste their scrummy Cupcakes. Whilst you are relaxing, the lovely Daisy Cupcakes ladies will prepare your bespoke quote, tailored to your every need.




You name your occasion and they will cater for it!

We asked Alison a few questions and here’s what she had to say…

1. How did Daisy Cupcakes begin?
It began after my own wedding 2 years ago when we ordered cupcakes from a well known cake maker and were very disappointed with them. The quest to create beautiful cupcakes began and Daisy Cupcakes was born a few months later
2. What is the most unusual occasion you have been asked to make cupcakes for?
A horse themed hen party! Complete with horses heads and horse shoes, grass and a model horse.
3. What is the most extravagant?
Our cakes are bespoke and so will always reflect the specifications of our client. So the sky’s the limit as far as extravagance is concerned! Edible diamonds are beautifully extravagant and our extra large hand crafted flowers look very decadent as a centrepiece.
4. How do you like to unwind?
I never unwind! If I sit down I fall asleep so I keep going – baking, making decorations, researching new ideas, trialling recipes.
5. What is your favourite thing in the world to do?
Be in the Isles of Scilly with my husband.
6. How many Cupcakes do you think you have eaten in the last month ;)
I don’t eat many any more, we only get the ‘spoils’ and there aren’t many! I always taste the mixtures to check they are flavoured correctly, but I expect I have only had 2 whole cupcakes in the last month!
7. Who would you like to make cupcakes for and why?
I would love to make cupcakes for my nan, who died many years ago. She was a wonderful cook and inspired me from a very early age. She taught me so much about baking and encouraged me to train as a Domestic Science teacher back in the 70’s. She was so proud of me when I qualified and began teaching, and I know she would love what I am doing now.
8. How excited were you about the LMD Soiree?
Hugely excited. Such an opportunity to meet some fabulous people from the wedding industry. I had not been to Newcastle before and I booked to stay for 2 nights with Elle from Elle is for Love. We had a brilliant time pampering ourselves and getting ready for the most elegant sophisticated gorgeous evening. We were a bit star struck as Annabel was just divine and so were so many people who it was really exciting to meet in real life having chatted on Twitter!
Here is the lovely Alison at the LMD Soiree…

We know that Daisy Cupcakes is  fabulous and hope to be seeing much more of them in the future!

You can contact the Daisy Cupcakes here

Visit their yummy website:

or call: 01926 411267

August 2, 2011

I love this!

July 28, 2011

Introducing Emma a.k.a Little Bundles a.k.a @littlebbunting :)

Based in the heart of rural Northumberland, Little Bundles designs and creates handcrafted bespoke fabric bunting for all occasions.

Ok, so i’d been looking for ‘the perfect bunting’ for little D’s bedroom for yonks, that long that I gave up… until last week when a lovely lady named Emma a.k.a @littlebbunting began to follow us on Twitter… now I have found ‘the perfect bunting’!

As bunting becomes more and more popular Emma is always trying to stay ahead of the game by designing and creating new motifs and themes for her bunting. What ever the occasion Little Bundles, will be able to create the perfect bunting.

I asked the lovely Emma to send me some images, she shyly only sent a few (I don’t think she wanted to show off)…

Emma may have only sent me across a few pics but I couldn’t resist showing you a squillion others, they are all just too yummy to ignore!

For the little dudes…

For the little ladies…

For the glamorous campers…

free bag too… look >

Emma offers a bespoke service and you’ll be pleased to know that the limited editions are now available to hire too! Little bundles bunting can be used for weddings, parties, birthdays, events and by corporate users.

Emma was quizzed a little…

How did little Bundles begin?

“I’d been looking everywhere for personalised bunting for my daughters birthday, back in 2004; all I could find was generic bunting in basic colours from companies who only wanted to sell me what they stocked, no-one was prepared to source fabric and create me a unique design. It was my, then 4 year old daughter who announced to everyone that “mummy” was going to make her bunting! I have always had a creative flair so I thought, why not?”

What is the most unusual use you’ve seen for bunting?

“My own Union Jack bunting wrapped around a bride in a “Cool Brittania” photo shoot by Assasynation at Danby Castle. It looked spectacular! I think every bride should wrap herself up in bunting!”

Tell us something unusual about yourself…

“I think my life has been unusual! I’ve moved around a lot, both in the UK and abroad – total of 12 years living, working and back-packing, in four continents and having to learn two languages! At times it was very tough, especially living overseas, bringing up two young children without a family support network, but I believe that life is what you make it, I’m a determined grafter… whatever you put in, you will reap the rewards. We’re settled now in Northumberland, living in a converted Victorian Chapel (which has taken lots of time and energy), with a beautiful garden with raised Victorian vegetable beds, a log cabin, a fire pit and a totam pole! I’ve never been happier!”

Bottom Line…

Emma Rocks and so does her Bunting!

You can contact Emma here Tel: 07963 542313

You can vote for Emma’s Little Bundles in the great exhibition 2012 here: British Bunting

July 26, 2011

If only our dreams were as innocent…

Love to: Piccsy

My friend’s little girl just told her “I had a dream about a monkey named yoghurt and he had a little steering wheel”, I hope things stay that simple for her when she grows up!


July 26, 2011

Can someone teach me how to make these please… and fast!

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I want to make hundreds of these, fill a room full of them, then when i’m annoyed go and throw myself in and lock the door behind… end of discussion.