January 19, 2012

Ashley & Roxanne 9*6*12


Place cards in Kraft brown & Ivory

January 19, 2012

Ashley & Roxanne 9*6*12


Place cards in Kraft brown & Ivory

January 19, 2012

Ashley & Roxanne 9*6*12


Favour boxes in Kraft brown & Ivory

January 19, 2012

Ashley & Roxanne 9*6*12


Chunky invites in Kraft brown & Ivory

January 19, 2012

Ashley & Roxanne 9*6*12 x


Chunky invites in Kraft brown & Ivory

November 22, 2011

Now that the manic wedding season dust is settling…

Will the cracks start to show?

I set up the Vintage & Lace Twitter account a while ago now and as I started to follow more and more, I was in awe of what I discovered in the wedding industry… lots of busy wedding star’s going about their day making things happen and although exhausted, still managing to get stuck in, day in day out with a huge smile on their faces, probably down to the immense amount of job satisfaction. Everyone was busy. Everyone had new ideas and were desperate to get them out there and excited to share with the rest of us.

Now, I still believe that we are all in this for a similar reason, some testing the water with their creative side, some lucky enough to be running a business… all just trying to follow our dreams? I can’t remember public sniping at each other ever being a priority or even being on the radar! I know it is a little quieter now and some people are not as busy, but in my world… I’d like to think this is when we build relationships up, be nicer to the ones we have neglected in the tornado that is the main wedding season, not trample on people who are trying to shine with success!

Due to a change in career for moi and Claire ‘inconsiderately’ being full to the brim with baby ;) the business has been put on the back burner for a little while, but I still love to see how everyone’s business’ have expanded and to see how things have changed.

I managed to sit down with my laptop last night after the bedtime battle with my 19 month old and lady flu *sniffsniff and I was a little miffed off at the obvious snarky-ness I saw! No need for too many details (that would be childish). I just hope that the condescension is not here to stay… cause if that’s how people roll now-a-days, then I need to up my game… go out and buy some armour for the angry arrows that may be thrown, if I share my happiness from my achievements one day.

If you are good at what you do then shout it from the roof tops… Thousands do that shouldn’t and thousands don’t that should.

J x

September 8, 2011

I wish I had found this before my wedding, it is stunning!

Absolutely b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l !!

August 19, 2011

Antique Roses & Hydrangeas…


I threw some lovely bouquets together for you to have a look at… they are all stunning!


Here is a pic of my bridal bouquet, let me know what you think… Antique Roses & Hydrangeas. It was huge and heavy but absolutely gorgeous…

Love to: stylemepretty.com youaremyfav.com tinywhitedaisies.com iloveswmag.com tumblr.com bashplease.blogspot.com greenweddingshoes.com & Pinterest


August 19, 2011


Today is the final day at my job of just over five and a half years! Monday I begin a new adventure… here’s to new beginnings & a fresh start!

Wish me luck,



August 11, 2011

@Beaubuttons on the blog…

Introducing Beau Buttons…

So you think bouquets, you think flowers right? Well think again!

Over the last few months I have stumbled upon so many fabulous & unique wedding industry peeps. I’ve seen bunches of new ideas, breaking the norm and running away from tradition and Beau Buttons is definitely one of those businesses.

This stunning little business offers an alternative to the ‘normal’ wedding flowers by using buttons and brooches to  design and make these quirky, playful creations.

“With a fantastic selection of vintage hide outs such as Portobello Market on our doorstep, we can’t help but be inspired by the vast array of vintage buttons, brooches and beads. We love scouring through these fabulous findings to discover new little beauties to use in your bouquets” – Emma, Beau Buttons.

Summer pastels and super sweet love heart buttons make up this new bouquet! A whimsical design for a fun and fabulous bride.


Personally I think they are gorgeous, a very different approach to bridal flowers. Beau Buttons will design and create you a bespoke bouquet according to you requirements, so with your colour scheme and theme in mind, Emma will lovingly put together your unique one off bouquet to match your personality exactly.

Emma also lovingly creates matching buttonholes, bridesmaid bouquets and even centrepieces so you can treat Beau Buttons just as you would a florist. Also if you have a special piece of jewellery, button or brooch, then you can have this incorporated into your bouquet… what a fab idea!

Get to know Emma a little better:

1. How did Beau Buttons begin?

Beaubuttons began whilst planning my own wedding. A fifties style wedding, I wanted a bouquet with a vintage element to it and one I could treasure forever and pass down to my daughter. I have always been a keen jewellery maker and craft geek so began experimenting with creating button bouquets… I fell in love with the design/creating process and am now addicted!


2. What is the most unusual bouquet you have made?

My most unusual bouquet is probably my Sweet Rosie Bouquet, made up from the cutest ‘love heart’ sweet style buttons! This bouquet was first made as small centre pieces for an american style cupcake shop, hence the candy style buttons.


3. How do your prices compare to a more traditional fleural bouquet?

Prices for floral bouquets can vary massively, although I would say they fall between the £50 – £150 price bracket. My large bridal bouquets start from £120 and bridesmaid bouquets from £55. The thing to keep in mind is that button bouquets last forever, becoming a keepsake from your wedding day that can be passed down to other generations.


4. How do you like to relax?

I used to be a professional dancer and exercise is still a really important part of my well being, I now practice yoga regularly which definitely helps me relax.


5. What is your favourite thing in the world to do?

Spending time with my two amazing children and partner!


6. Who in the world would you most like to create a bouquet for?

Hmmm… someone with an alluring and playful side who would let me express that through a fun and quirky bouquet design injected with a mass of Hollywood glam! It’s got to be Dita Von Teese!!


7. Who inspires you?

Inspiration in my life comes from so many people and places! If we are talking about inspiration behind my business then my entrepreneurial late father inspires me greatly… He had many successful businesses and approached them with enthusiasm and positivity. As for inspiration behind my designs then it has to be the Starlets of days gone past…. Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Betty Grable, Ava Gardner (to name a few)… the sense of style, glamour and ‘chicness’ that these ladies possessed is definitely inspirational.


8. What is your favourite soundtrack to get your ‘create-on’?

On no, my guilty pleasure… The Dirty Dancing Soundtrack!! shh… don’t tell!


9. Will we be seeing you at any tweetup’s this year?

Not as of yet, but if I hear of any locally then for sure!


Beau Buttons are excited to be exhibiting at the Vintage Chic Wedding Fair this year!

Emma is  currently in the middle of re-vamping the website so keep an eye on their Facebook page to see their latest masterpieces!  http://www.facebook.com/Beaubuttons

If you are searching for an eye catching bouquet with a twist then contact Emma via e-mail here: info@beaubuttons.co.uk and i’m certain your search will be over!

Hover over the images to see which of the Photo credit goes to: Haywood Jones Photography